We are all artists.  Some manifest it in paintings, some see it in others,  some bake cookies.  Everyone knows what they like, and whether they are creating it or just appreciating it, we are all moved by art.  Art is an amazing thing, an ancient thing that penetrates the sole.  Not necessarily created to please the eye but to create emotions.  The best art isn't something that simply pleases the eye or compliments the decor, it is something that moves you to wonder and think and feel beyond daily life.  Just think about the oldest cave paintings, the hand prints.  Would you just think to yourself "cool hand-print.  I wish I had a tee shirt with it".  Maybe, but you would want that shirt out of wonder.  Wonder of who created it, why they created it, wonder everything about the person who made that hand print.  Wonder about their lives and everything around them. 

There should be no bounds in creating art.  But there should be an attempt to create something meaningful.  There should be respect and learning from the past but the artist should move forward.  Simply imitating the past gets us nowhere.  An artist trying to keep an old style or artist alive is stifling  themselves.  Take what you love from them and forge something new.  That would be the greatest compliment to them.