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The Vault

Welcome to my vault, a space where artists often conceal their past as they evolve in their current style. Revealing older works can be risky, acknowledging that one wasn't always at their best, and their style may have undergone significant changes. However, being a self-taught painter, my journey has been both enjoyable and rewarding.

During my childhood, I found fascination in the works of the old masters, spending countless hours immersed in their paintings through books, learning and drawing inspiration from them. While my admiration for them might not be as evident now, you can witness the evolution. This vault offers a glimpse into my artistic history and roots, providing an opportunity to appreciate my earlier works. Despite many of these paintings being long gone, some still hold a special place in my collection, each carrying significance from the moments they were created. They serve as markers of my artistic progression, defining pivotal steps forward.

The paintings are arranged in a somewhat chronological order, showcasing the journey from the newest to the oldest.

2000 to 2015

1985 to 2000

1965 to 1985

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