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The Vault

I call it the vault because artists generally tend to hide away their past and go with their current work style.  The danger of showing the old stuff confirms you weren't always that good and your style may have changed dramatically.  But  I am a self taught painter and the journey along the way has been fun and rewarding.  As a child I was fascinated with the old masters and spent many hours looking at their paintings in books and learning from them.  Not so much now and maybe you can see that.  So here you can can get a peek at my history in art and my roots.  I still like my old stuff.  A lot of these paintings are long gone but there are some I still own because they meant something special to me when I created them.  Some defined my net step foreword.  

The paintings are in somewhat of a chronological order.  Newest to oldest.

2000 to 2015

1985 to 2000

1965 to 1985

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