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For me, being in the ocean and surfing is something wonderful that got deep into my soul when I was very young.  Growing up In San Diego California, I spent a lot of time in the water.  Even when I was supposed to be in school.  I love the ocean and I love being in it. I love the surfing culture and lifestyle.  It is still what I relate to the most since it started before I was 8 years old.  

Art on Repurposed Surfboards.

These paintings were done for a surfboard art festival that ran for a few years in Morro Bay California.  They were all completed on repurposed surfboards from surfers in the Morro Bay area.  It was much more meaningful painting on used surfboards with all the dents and dings from years of uses.  They all had a story themselves and a history before I got them.  Being a surfer myself, I could really appreciate it.  One of the pieces also hung in the Malibu City Hall as part of a surfboard art show and celebration.  I still have a few of them.


Another Perfect Day, aka The Rat Board. Oil Paint.  Wall hanging painted on one side.

paridise full.jpg

The Wise Guy.  Oil and Alcohol Ink.  Wall hanging, painted on one side.


Yucatan trip 015.jpg

Baja.  Oil Paint.  Wall hanging painted on one side.  


Tropical Dreams.  Oil Paint and Alcohol Ink.  Painted on one side.

This is on a Michel Junard surfboard that was fractured on a very big day at Spooners Cove.

color blast wide.jpg

One of my personal surfboards that I am still riding.  It is a 7' 4" Murphy swallow tail.

The Board

Paradise, aka The Ground Magnet

Oil Paint and Alcohol Ink.  Free standing painted on both sides.

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Another Day in Paradise
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