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Morro Bay Surfboard Art Festival

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

I came across this article and photo that was in the Los Angeles Times today. Every now and then I Google myself in images to see what of my art shows up. Not that I am vain, just curious to see how my website is doing. I had forgotten about this article. This was the first surfboard I ever painted. I saw a call for local artists somewhere for the first annual Morro Bay Surfboard Art Festival. Being a surfer myself I naturally threw my name into the hat and was selected. I had no idea what to paint but had just finished my toucan portrait "The Boss" so I decided on a toucan. I did a practice panting on the top of the board then this one on the bottom. Since I painted both sides I made a stand for it and displayed it as a sculpture. I had forgotten that I named it "Paradise aka The Ground Magnet". I called it the ground magnet because it was always falling over!

The Festival was a success and the board sold for $2,200, so it was a double success. It inspired me to paint other surfboards. It never occurred to me before that. I submitted boards for a few more festivals. Some of these boards I still have and are for sale!

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