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Original Art And Accessories.

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Abstract Background

What's Happening in the Studio

Mountain Spire

I began this painting a number of years ago.  The scene is from a photograph I took near the summit of  Bugaboo Spire in the Bugaboos in Canada's British Columbia.  Snow Patch Spire is showcased.  I made many trips to the Bugaboos when I was younger and climbed many great routes.

White Sheet

Prints On Stretched Canvas

Abstract Background


Profesional art panels created by Tom Applegate

The redistribution of structure in
X-Panels make them completely unique among art panels.

X-panels eliminate the cradle structure found in traditional cradled panels and redistribute the panel's structure to a composite layer situated between two thin hardwood panel surfaces, or a semi-hollow structure with stringers inside.  As a result, the panel becomes strong, lightweight and slender.
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