Experimental Short Films

To me films are moving paintings or images and paintings and images are no more than  frames from a dynamic piece of art.  

"Homecoming"   Another way home


I was in the desert filming a dream video I had in mind.  Driving home I stumbled onto something else.  The film was made in my head long before I got home.  The dream video still hasn't been completed.

"Ascent"  A day in the mountains


Climbing on the north east ridge of Lone Pine Peak with Steve.

"Moonrise on the Pond"

  An otherworldly trip down to the pond


This film was inspired by a failed attempt at filming a full moon.  What the camera did in its defiance inspired me.  Combined with a pond and my paintings a surreal visit down by the pond was created.

" Street"


  A trip down the street.  This film makes a trip down an ordinary street in a California beach town extraordinary. 



My bread making abilities showcased and appreciated by Mazie.

"Drag Queen"