Tom Applegate.  In his own words.

I am a native Californian who came from a family of artists. Well a few of them were artists, and they were my inspiration. My mother included.   by the age of five I was obsessed with art.  Back then I was plagued with stomach aches that forced me to miss school and stay home and read art books about the old masters and paint.  They were hard times.  As I aged art didn't diminish but I also became a rampant surfer, graduating to rock and mountain climbing, then a pilot and aerobatic flying.  But it was all art.  Art was always there, and still seems to be hanging around.  Our entire lives are a work of art we all create.  Whether it be good or bad. 

I primarily works with oils but really enjoy mixing  paintings, photography and computer graphics to create mixed media works and experimental films. 

I am not a purist sticking to a persona I have created or am attempting to create, I create what I feel like at the time.  That is an artist.  Consequently, one who usually doesn't sell anything.

Tom Applegate