The  Boss, a toucan portrait
The Boss, a toucan portrait

A toucan painting in oil on canvas.

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Manta in a Dream
Manta in a Dream

Abstract manta ray art.

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The Inconspicuous Crab
The Inconspicuous Crab

Street art style crab art.

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The  Boss, a toucan portrait
The Boss, a toucan portrait

A toucan painting in oil on canvas.

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The Applegate Art Movement

Why is it called an "Art movement"?  Because as an artist and human I want to always be moving forward.   We should all always be moving foreword.  Movement makes us better, whether it is in art or anything else in life.  My goal is to not only make my art continually move forward, but move the materials we use foreword as well with X-Panels.  I want to inspire other artists to continue down their path.  To make art lovers look for new things that move them.  If I could spark inspiration in just one person, I would be happy.


view of the world that normally goes unnoticed.
Leaves Shadow

What's Happening in the Studio

My news of what's happening in the studio.

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"The Pond" has been completed and is off the easel.  I will begin a series of paintings of sharks next.  Sharks are magnificent beings that are beautiful to look at.  Unless you are in the ocean.

Art Display

The Vault

Visit the Vault with Paintings from the past

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Marble Surface


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Simply the Best, Most Advanced Art Panels.

I have combined my art and aerospace knowledge to create a new breed of art panels.  Light weight, highly warp resistant and sleek.  I am using the same technology that was used in the construction of my former unlimited class aerobatic airplane.    

Available soon.

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If It's Good Enough For This!

It's Good Enough For This!

White Sheet
People and Places That Inspire Me
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Sandra Schultz lives and creates in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California in the winter, and in the deep northwoods of Wisconsin in the summer.  She is an accomplished painter with both oils and watercolors.  She also has also created 50 instructional art videos that can be viewed on YouTube.  

Sandra J Schultz
European Roller Bird
Manta Ray at Sunset_edited_edited.jpg
Abstract Background

The Latest Post

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Yucatan Trail,  From the Yucatan Dreams experimental art series.