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Inspirations from the great beyond. 

There is an unseen and unimagined world surrounding all of us.  A universe of endless possibilities.  I can sense it out there, sometimes glimpse it, and other times fall into it.  


Being an artist lets you explore it and create your own reality.   Artists continually create new realities no one has glimpsed before. 



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The Latest Film Release

Bob's Country

A film about happenings at the Land.


And The Man In The Hat


The Man in the Hat
White Sheet

What's Happening in the Room

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"The Pond" has been completed and is off the easel.  I will begin a series of paintings of sharks next.  Sharks are magnificent beings that are beautiful to look at.  Unless you are swimming in the ocean.

Visit the Vault to see some paintings from the past.

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Profesional art panels created by Tom Applegate

panel side 2.jpg
The redistribution of structure in
X-Panels make them completely unique among art panels.

X-panels eliminate the cradle structure found in traditional cradled panels and redistribute the panel's structure to a composite layer situated between two thin hardwood panel surfaces, or a semi-hollow structure with stringers inside.  As a result, the panel becomes strong, lightweight and slender.
Composite cores create a waterproof barrier separating the front and back of the panel.
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