A view of the world that normally goes unnoticed.

Exploration-Experimentation with a little Normal thrown in

Tom Applegate is an artist who embraces many mediums including painting, film, and digital media to create his art.  It is a journey in the art life free from being stuck to one media or subject as many artists are.  He has a view of the world that generally goes unnoticed.  His art is an extension of a wondering mind that roams the world in and out of our daily reality.  As some wise person said once "the journey is the destination" and this rings true to Tom.

"Life is a strange thing and shouldn't be taken too literally. It is a mistake to think you know the way things are". 

Tom Applegate,

Experimental film or Avant Garde film with a little Noir.  Paintings and digital art you will find it here.  Art in a new place.