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Inspirations from the oceans, mountains, deserts and beyond. 
Leaves Shadow

What's Happening in the Room

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"The Pond" has been completed and is off the easel.  I will begin a series of paintings of sharks next.  Sharks are magnificent beings that are beautiful to look at.  Unless you are in the ocean.

Art Display

The Vault

A breif history of my art.

Portrait of Oscar Fishman
Marble Surface
Manta Ray at Sunset_edited_edited.jpg

There is a whole unimaginable world surrounding all of us.  A world of endless possibilities.    I can sense it, and sometimes glimpse it. and other times fall into it.  Our lives are  storylines full of holes that with the proper vision can be filled.

White Sheet


Simply the Best, Most Advanced Art Panels.

I have combined my art and aerospace knowledge to create a new breed of art panels.  Light weight, highly warp resistant and sleek.  I am using the same technology that was used in the construction of my former unlimited class aerobatic airplane.    

panzl new 003a.jpg

If It's Good Enough For This!

It's Good Enough For This!

Light and Shadow
Abstract Background

The Latest Post

yucatan trail a m.jpg

Yucatan Trail,  From the Yucatan Dreams experimental art series.

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