Welcome to Tom Applegate Arts.  Fine Art and Design.    

Tom’s Art

Tom Applegate creates a diverse array of art from paintings to digital images.   Tom has a long right conurehistory in the art field and is sought after for his high quality work.   He uses quality materials and is equally adept at creating realistic works, abstracts, graphics and more.  Art can be purchased on this website and Tom always welcomes commissions because he enjoys creating a clients own personal piece of art.

The Art of Sandra Schultz is also featured on this website.  She creates colorful inks, watercolors and concrete art objects.  Tom and Sandra collaborate on many projects as Greenfish Designs.

Surfboard Art

surfboard art, paited surfboard, tom applegate

Tom creates fine art on repurposed surfboards that will make anyone feel the sand in their toes and the ocean in their sole.  It may sound different, and it is.  Please  view the Surfboard Art page for more information.

Specialty Art Doors and Partitions

Tom creates functional art on repurposed doors and partitions for home or business.  Each door or panel is a personal piece of art.  Find out more on the Art Doors page.




Concrete Tables and Art Pieces.

Tom Creates tables, benches and other art objects using concrete.  koi table The koi table is a Greenfish designs collaboration with Sandra Schultz.  Sandra also created the beautiful pots and painting below.


concrete pots